Design tools for Argon4

This site contains a collection of tutorials and examples describing three development tools for creating Augmented Reality experiences. Using any one of these tools you can create complete applications for the Argon4 browser. Some of the features will also work in conventional browsers, on mobile devices (Android as well as iPhone), and even on laptops and desktops.

Argon4 is an Augmented Reality Web Browser created by the AEL (Augmented Environments Lab) at Georgia Tech. Exploiting the full power of Argon4 requires considerable programming skills. You can take leverage many of the capabilities of Argon4 by using our design tools, which require less (or no) javascript programming. These aids are:

I. The panoramic narrative template

This is a drag-and-drop web interface to generate panoramic narratives with 360-degree panoramic images and optional audio. No programming is required. more

II. Argon-aframe

This extension to the aframe-framework allows you to create 3D graphic experiences by making use of custom html tags. For many experiences you will need only html. You can add further features to your experience by writing additional javascript scripts. more

III. Argon for Twine

Twine is an “open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” Argon for Twine allows you to create sophisticated AR experiences with linear and non sequences and user interaction. By employing a special custom format for Twine, called OldFashioned, you can use all the features of Twine to amke applicaitons that can be exported to run in the Argon4 browser. more