Argon-aframe — Lesson 8: Triggers

Download Argon4 and the Tutorial Source Code.
This tutorial uses the trigger and resources directories.
Demo in Argon4

A common need in AR and VR is to know when the viewer is within a certain distance of some location in the world. The trigger component can be attached to an entity, and when the camera is within a certain distance (specified by the radius attribute), the component will emit an event (specified by the event attribute).

      <ar-geopose id="GT" lla=" -84.398881 33.778463" userotation="false" trigger="radius:100;event:nearGT"> 
         <a-entity billboard fixedsize="20">
           <a-plane rotation="0 90 0" width="2.9" height="4" src="#buzzpin" transparent="true"></a-plane>
           <a-entity css-object="div: #mydiv" scale="0.02 0.02 0.02" position="0 4 0"></a-entity>

In this example, when the user (camera) is within 100 meters of the specified LLA, the event will be emitted. Similarly, when the user (camera) moves further than 100 meters away, the event will be emitted again. The event detail can be used to decide if it was an enter or exit event.

So, in general, the radius property is the distance from the entity to the camera in meters. The event property gives the name of the event. (The default name is “trigger”.) When the trigger is fired, it will emit an event with that name. The trigger event will have the following details: name: string, inside: boolean, distanceSquared: number.

Multiple triggers can be attached to an entity. If trigger__name is attached, the event emitted will have name in the event detail name property.