Concepts — Overview

This page should describe the situation with various browsers and Argon.

On this page, we provide a brief overview of the design of argon.js, introducing some of the terminology and concepts used by the framework. A more detailed overview can be found in the documentation for argonjs itself

The goal of the argon.js framework and associated Argon Browser (currently on iOS) is to use web technologies to create fully-registered 3D Augmented Reality (AR) applications that leverage 3D graphics, geo-spatial-positioning, and computer-vision tracking (currently using the Vuforia vision engine). While some of these capabilities are currently available only in the Argon Browser, argon.js was designed to help developers create platform-independent AR web content (that mixes virtual elements with some view of the real world) that will eventually run fully-featured on other platforms as the necessary features for 3D AR on the web become available.

Core ideas in Argon.

1.Views of Reality 2.Augmentation 3.etc.