Quick Start

To install the argon.js library manually, include this script in your html:

To install with npm:

npm install @argonjs/argon@^1.0

To install with jspm:

jspm install npm:@argonjs/argon@^1.0


In your es6 modules, import the package "@argonjs/argon":

import * as Argon from '@argonjs/argon'

If you aren’t using es6 modules, require the package "@argonjs/argon":

var Argon = require('@argonjs/argon');

If you aren’t using modules at all, no worries! The argon.min.js script creates a global Argon namespace that exposes the same API.


If you are using Typescript 2.0 and would like to leverage argon.js typings (you should!), simply install argon.js using npm as described above (even if you are not using modules in your project). However, if you aren’t using modules, just be sure to include a triple-slash reference so that the typescript compiler knows you are using argon.js globally:

/// <reference types="@argonjs/argon" />

Finally, make sure your tsconfig.json contains the following compiler options:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "moduleResolution": "node",
        "lib": [

After that, you can enjoy rich editing support for argon.js in any editor that supports Typescript! We recommend Visual Studio Code.