Argon for Twine — Part 1: Getting Started with Argon for Twine

Getting Twine

In order to simplify the process of programming narrative augmented reality experiences, Argon has been integrated with the interactive narrative framework called Twine. We suggest that you learn about Twine from the framework’s website.

You may use Twine online or download the offline version available on the Twine homepage. We strongly recommend using the downloadable version, as the online version of Twine stores projects in your web browser’s cache. On opening Twine, you should see an empty dashboard, the future home of any AR experiences you create.

When developing with Twine, “formats” are used to interpret your project. There are three standard formats that come included with Twine: Harlowe, Snowman, and SugarCube. Developing AR experiences with Twine requires the OldFashioned format, which is based on SugarCube but adapted to support AR features provided by Argon. To add the OldFashioned format to Twine, click the “Formats” label to the right of the dashboard. Click “Add a New Format”, and copy into the text field. Add the format and you are now all set up to create AR experiences with Twine!